Everyone Deserves A Safe Work Environment

For most people, working a 40-hour week is a necessity. You have bills to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. When your workplace is unsafe, it can be devastating to all parts of your life. Being sexually harassed in the workplace can cause anxiety, confusion, stress and even fear. The Godinez Law Group has been helping clients throughout Southern California when they need it most. You have rights, and we are here to defend them.

Understanding Sexual Harassment Claims In The Workplace

While everyone has different definitions of what constitutes harassment, there are certain facts that cannot be denied. First of all, the accused must have acted in an offensive way, and the actions were unwelcome by the victim. The harasser can hold any position, from supervisor to co-worker to nonemployee. Also, neither the harasser nor the victim have to be a specific gender. It can happen to anyone.

In terms of the workplace, there are two types of sexual harassment. Quid pro quo is when someone in an authoritative position requests sex in exchange for some sort of job benefit, like a promotion or raise, or in other cases, so you will not be punished or fired. Sexual harassment also occurs in a hostile work environment through unwanted advances, jokes or threats. This results in an uncomfortable situation for everyone. Employers must hold these employees accountable. They can be fired, fined or even put in jail. As your attorneys, we demand justice on your behalf.

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You are not only protecting yourself, but you are also protecting other employees. We can help you determine what the appropriate steps are. We will not back down from a challenge.