Helping You Understand Marijuana Laws


Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 1996, the regulation of cannabis has continued to change. In 2018, it became legal to sell and produce recreational marijuana in the state, opening up new business possibilities. The new cannabis laws and business regulations are complex and often difficult to understand. The Godinez Law Group can help you decipher these laws to ensure your business is compliant.

were litigating cannabis claims when the regulatory changes were taking place. We can help you understand how cannabis regulations may have changed and how they differ from those of other businesses. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes succeed.

We Protect Your Long-Term Future

Your legal needs do not stop once your cannabis business is off and running. Many cannabis company owners run into legal problems, including:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Allegations of unfair competition
  • Employment disputes
  • Criminal prosecution

If your cannabis business is not in compliance with laws, and regulation you may face legal fines and penalties, or even criminal prosecution. You may also find yourself in a disagreement with a business partner. All these legal matters can jeopardize your business.

We will look at the facts of your case and the applicable laws to develop a strategy aimed at resolving the manner efficiently while protecting your interests.

Let The Godinez Law Group Help You

As cannabis laws and regulations are updated, you need a law firm that will stay current to help protect your business. At The Godinez Law Group, we ease some of the burdens you may face as a cannabis business owner by ensuring you are always aware of the changes in the laws. If you find yourself needing representation in a litigation matter, we will fight to defend you and protect your investment.